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Be You.

It's always best to just be you. 

In a world where there are comparisons everywhere.

Expectations and perfectionism.

Photoshopped women, 

Photoshopped men.

People that seem to have their life, 


It doesn't matter where you are in life. 

It doesn't matter if you're a mess of emotions.

It's okay you cry in the shower,


It's okay you're happy one minute, 

And then stressed and angry the next minute. 

It's okay you have cellulite. 

It okay you can't fit your butt into a pair of jeans,

Size two. 

It's okay your nose is cricked, 

You have pores that trickle across the bridge of your nose. 

The friend you have coffee with,

She doesn't have a cricked nose. 

She always has a smile on her face, 

Her heart is lit. 

Positive energy illuminates her face. 

But your friend has hidden insecurities. 

Imperfections you don't see, 

They don't stand out.

The night before she was up all night, 

Worrying about her brother's abusive relationship. 

She hopes you don't see her stress stains, 

Under her arms. 

Your friend you have coffee with, 

Is jealous of your eyes, 

How they twinkle and sometimes look blue, 

And other times look seafoam green. 

She's jealous of your curves, 

How your chest contains these C sized breasts. 

And hers, 

Barely fit into an A cup. 

You look at your chest and relate it to diet. 


An imperfection.

The imperfections you see in yourself, 

Many others won't notice. 


You and and all that you come with,

Are beyond beautiful. 

Notice all that you come with, 

The whole package makes you.

You are beautiful in everyone else's eyes. 

Be beautiful for your eyes. 

For you.

It's always best to just be you.  




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