A Life That I Live..

I work retail;

An 8 hour shift feels like days without sleep.

I lock myself in my bedroom

When I get home or in the office

If I'm at work.

My body and mind are my home, 

And they are

Killing me. 

- - 

People flood in

And out of the store

Just browsing, when really

They should be browsing for themselves.

'How can I help you?'

'Oh, I'm just looking'

'What are you looking for?'

'Why I am breathing today.' 

- - 

I am on the cusp of

Being obese;

Only some people

Can see it.

My stomach grows an inch


It's an armrest

That is always with me.


I am not pregnant.

I am just tired

Of myself





I write this on my couch,

As the sun bids the day goodbye.

I have pain

In my lower back and

My eyes are running

From allergy season.

My emotions are lit

Inside my soul.

I am uncomfortable

In my skin.

I want to run, but I know

That would turn into a catastrophe.

- -