Spending Time In Thankfulness

Something I am working on is being grateful. I don’t think I’m an ungrateful person, but sometimes I forget to think about the things I have in my life that bring me pleasure. Every night before I go to bed, and every morning before I throw my covers off to start the day, I have started to remind myself about the things that I am thankful for!

When I first started thinking about this, it was on a day that for some reason I was just in a really positive mood. I felt like I had been giggling all day! When I was climbing into bed I ended up posting a list of reasons I was thankful onto my Instagram stories.

On this day I felt content! Happy! And just grateful to be alive! To be me!

No day is ever the same, but I am encouraging myself and you to start engaging more in those thoughts of thankfulness. It makes me realize that there really isn’t much to be negative about and there is always a few things that can make me happy. Think about days where you feel content. Take notes and reflect. What makes these days as they are?