What Shampoo and Conditioner Should I Use?

I remember the days when I didn't care about what kind of conditioner I used; I washed my hair with whatever my mom got me...usually something that was a double of a shampoo and conditioner in one. Well those days are long gone... I'm invested in finding good hair products. I know what my hair needs and wants and will never go back to one of those cheap two in one cleansing and conditioning products. 

Right now I'm using mostly natural products in the shower and for my hair. Honestly, when I first started using these kinds of products from Whole Foods or Natural Grocers I thought it would be a long downhill battle and my strands would frizz and break and be damaged and not be healthy. Little did I know.. 

I am in love with the brand Andalou, especially for my dry hair that loves to not cooperate and just go nuts. I go back and forth between using the 1000 Roses shampoo and conditioner for hydration plus moisture and the Sunflower and Citrus for shine, nourishment and to fight frizz. The only complaint I have is that the shampoo that comes in the 1000 Roses line is good and gets my hair clean, but doesn't lather very well. I usually add a lot of water to bring the bubbles up.  Other than that, Andalou has treated my hair very nicely and it's always a pleasure to use their products in the shower; they are treating and moisturizing but they are also scented remarkably well. Like I said in the beginning, I am in love. 


The other brand I go to for my hair needs is Acure. Man their stuff is good. The first time I used their shampoo and conditioner (ultra-moisturizing) I was hooked. Immediately, I could tell that my hair got the ingredients and nourishment it needed. There was no residue and honestly, even when my hair was wet, my hair felt healthy; like it just got a spa treatment or something. When it dried naturally or even when I used a hair drier, it was soft, smooth, shiny and silky. I loove it and use their products pretty consistently.  


I like trying new products and figuring out what works and what doesn't; I'm sure during these next months I will have some more products to review and share with you all. If you're hair is lacking something and is just feeling dull, give these Andalou and Acure shampoo and conditioners a try. They have really worked wonders for me and I would love if they helped somebody else out, too! 

All my love,