That Floral Dress

If you were to ask me what I buy most, I'd say dresses. Oh and if they're floral, no question, I would probably get it. Flowers + a feminine dress = totally me. 

I got this dress from one of my favorite stores, Loft Outlet. They always have something that's right up my street. This specific dress was in their fall shipment; I absolutely fell in love with it when we first met. 

The fabric is light but substantial. It's not going to be that dress you wear in November before the snow falls..but it's also not the dress to put on in the middle of August, when it's 95 degrees. You know what I mean? Like everything at Loft, it's well made and perfect for the early fall weather. It's that dress I can never take off. I loove it.  

For puttin' around Golden, this was the perfect dress to wear. I was comfortable and felt put together (I mean, of course I felt this way!! I was wearing my favorite type of dress!). 

Lots of Love,