Falling in Love with my Fall Wardrobe

I always love incorporating sweaters into my everyday attire during Fall. In fact, I'm wearing a nice cozy one from Madewell as I type this. It's raining and chilly and perfect for a full on sweater today. But sometimes, when it's early Fall I want to wear sweaters, but it's just a little too warm. This top I'm showing in this post is perfect for those kinds of days.

1 (5).jpg

This top is, of course, from my favorite store Loft Outlet. They have it in this grey color that I'm wearing and in an oatmeal color. It fits great; I love that it has a high neck and a slight high low cut from front to back. The knit is thick, but a perfect thickness for this style. 

4 (2).jpg

I wore this dusty navy blue faux suede skirt from the retail store. This skirt is amazing guys. It's incredibly soft with good structure. There are gold zip pockets on either side and a gold zip in the back. I love where it falls on me; it hits right above my knees and has a bit of room by my hips which is perfect for my curvy figure. Go get this skirt. It's so great and I can think of a million different outfits I could pair this with for Fall and Winter. 


I love when the leaves start to change and the weather begins to cool. I get so many good feels and start planning fun activities like going shopping and getting a nice drink from Starbucks; staying home and watching a romantic comedy with some popcorn, blankets and pillows; curling up to a good book with a cup of tea, in front of a window that shows the fall colors; having hot cider after a Fall hike. I LOVE THIS!