Weekend Thoughts #1

life can get hectic. unfortunately, even during the summer it can end up being crazy busy. this summer i'm taking an online class, have two jobs and somehow end up having 'to do lists' that seem to never end. the weekend is this splendid time where i get to slow life down and do whatever my heart desires. literally, what would happen if weekends never existed? life would be a lot different, that's for sure.

here are some of my weekend thoughts and findings that have perked my spirits:

  • i've been on a Cup of Jo (Joanna Goddard) kick this weekend. for some reason i haven't gone on her website for a while and so i ended up spending an hour or so scrolling through her posts getting tons of inspiration (of course!). she's a wonderful writer and works with a great group of people who create articles that give me more than just the standard blog post from anywhere on the internet. i love reading her posts that vary from her writing about being a mom in NYC to having guests talk about interior design ideas. i almost always take something of value away from what she produces for her audience.

  • one of my goals this summer is to grow my hair out. i've had a pixie for a little over two years now, and i want some change. the pixie was fun, but i'm in the mood for style and length variation. i am a consistent reader of The Small Things Blog. Kate writes about her two little boys, being a mom and also about hairstyle tips and techniques. when i read her hairstyle posts, i totally get in the mood to try them out. soon, i'll be able to do some of her gorgeous hairstyles and that will be just fabulous.

  • my room back home needs some sprucing up. i'm looking into getting a new bookcase and desk to help with organization and decorative aspects. i went to Ikea the other day with my mom and got so impressed by all the things they were displaying. i spotted some perfect pieces for my room, to help make it feel increasingly more complete and comfortable. this bookcase and desk were two of my favorites.

  • in colorado, it can get pretty hot. but at night it cools down and get's to be this perfect temperature that is quite refreshing. because the days are so warm, during the evening i often grab a sweater to put on with my pair of shorts i've worn throughout the heat. i have some nice ones from Gap that i wore this past winter, that go well with a pair of jean or khaki shorts. but i'm in the market for some new ones to freshen up my wardrobe a bit. i have my eye on this one from Gap as well as some from ASOS like these: this one, this one and this one. i love shopping for sweaters, there's something just extra special about it don't you think?

  • my amazon shopping cart is getting filled with about a million books that i want to read this summer. it's hard for me to read any book i want during the school year because usually i have way too much class reading and studying. i just started Rules of the Road by Joan Bauer. i grabbed it off my mom's bookshelf a couple of days ago and so far, so good. her writing style is smooth and descriptive. Bauer creates well written scenes that make me feel like i'm actually experiencing and witnessing what the characters are dealing with in the story. i'll let you know my full thoughts on it when i'm finished, but for now i'll leave it at that. i think the next book i'll get will have to be The Girl Without a Name by Sandra Block. i've read some reviews and have heard some positive comments about it from a few of my friends last semester. from what i've heard, this one is an intense and suspenseful novel that is always keeping your mind twisting and turning. just the kind of read i'm looking for.

that's all for now folks. i hope everyone is able to kick back, relax and enjoy the little blessings this weekend. toodles!


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