Morning Routine for the Sleep Lover

Alright guys, the truth is. Sometimes I detest the morning. I love my bed. I love sleep. I love being cozy. I love everything about my nighttime rituals to commence the rest. Thus, getting up when the sun has risen can be a pain in the BUTT. Never the less, we all have to push ourselves out of the dreaminess eventually. The struggle is so real guys.

Because I’ve had to overcome the wanting (or needing...?) to stay in bed all day urge, I’ve come up with a little routine to make my mornings a bit better. And yes, there are days, I’m even glad I threw the covers off, as early as I sometimes have to.

First things first…

I start each morning with either a glass of lemon water or a liter of water. My energy is one of the hardest things to get up in the morning. I feel, on the occasion, I leave my brain back in bed when my body is in the living room, or kitchen, trying to function like a normal person. Did I really just put the cereal box in the fridge? No, cheese does not belong in the dishwasher, come on Sage…

To try to stay away from this horrendous state, drinking lemon water or drinking my entire water bottle (roughly a liter) cuts this short in the morning. I only feel like my brain isn’t with me when I stub my toe on the way into the kitchen before I get my water. JK!! That never happens…

Lemon Water 1.jpg

So yea, all that being said, lemon water or any kind of water in general is a great way to wake-up my body after snoozing the night away. Lemon water is known for being a great cleanser and drinking a lot of water in the morning (I read somewhere that a liter!) does help the metabolism as well. Let's get that baby pumpin' people!!

Now time for…YOGA

Oh, Yoga, we have such a love-hate relationship. Somedays, it’s so hard to start; I curse its name when I shake and sweat and slowly slip down the mat in my downward-facing dog, or, sadly when I try to touch my freaking toes, but I’m always thankful when I’m done with my practice. The effort is always worth it. After a little while, I can sooth into the poses, even if I can't do them perfectly; I'm learning that you don't have to be perfect to be good.        

There’s something so caring and centering about Yoga. You care for yourself; if with one, the instructor cares for you; the universe or whoever you believe in, loves and cares for you; you realize that your body can do a lot and is miraculous (even if you can’t touch your toes); it shows that challenge and dedication permits and brings good change. All this and beyond brings so much to the mat and to LIFE. What a way to start the day, eh? When I finish, I always feel ready to punch the day in its you know where. In a really good way. I AM ENOUGH AND CAN DO ANYTHING I SET I MIND TO. You know what I mean?

Breakfast, no Lucky Charms…you know the drill. 

Even just writing “Lucky Charms” makes me in the mood. Should I just take the five-minute drive to the supermarket and just forgo this section of the post? NOO! Man, I want to though.

But in reality, they taste real good, but make me feel like a piece of poo on toast. Who wants that? So instead of the sugary cereal I usually go for either, eggs with veggies (i.e. eggs with broccoli, zucchini, tomatoes, squash…), yogurt with fruit and granola or a bowl of my favorite breakfast, oatmeal.

Breakfast Yogurt Combo (2).jpg

I really interchange these meals; they never really make my energy dip or give me too much of a blood sugar drop (we all know what does that..ahem, darn Lucky Charms...). But, that being said, if I am planning on doing something that is going to burn a lot of calories, oatmeal is a perfect option. It gives instant energy and, for me, pretty lasting energy. So, if I plan a hike for the morning or something, this is an ideal breakfast.

I take a lot of vitamins in the morning that have made a BIG impact on my life and body. I’m thinking about doing another whole post on that, but, just so you know…Omega’s should be the new trend everybody should be getting on. Amazing stuff. You know not to drink those silly energy drinks. 

Shower…and let the day commence!

Showers are a life saver for me. They honestly are so therapeutic. If I skip this step, for some reason, the day never goes as well as I would have hoped. I just feel less productive and mmm…powerful? That might be an it is. Anyways, just like drinking water, taking a shower refreshes me.

I also like to listen to some music whilst in the shower. I’m loving Skillet, Chris Tomlin and new things, every week, from Discover Weekly on Spotify. I love music, it definitely has the ability to speak to my soul and wake me up with the kind of courage I need during the day. But, as all introverts know, silence is good too. That can do much for the soul as well.  

 So hey!! You there!! If you hate mornings and love sleep as much as I do, try some lemon water, yoga, a good healthy breakfast and yes, a shower (cause I know a shower in the morning is pretty unusual.....). Your body will thank you. K bye! Hope to see you later!