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Unimaginable Happiness

Unimaginable Happiness


It's as if we fly planes  

To distinct destinations. 

Turbulence may come, 

Unexpectedly at times. 

But the ride is worth it, 

The Journey is where we can find our greatest 



And just as the clouds 

May hide what lies behind them, 

Living can make us forget 

What can come once The Journey ends. 

As our planes break through 

The scattered clouds of life, 

We reach this place called Heaven, 

That is magnificently bright. 


This place called Heaven, 

And this man known as Jesus: 

The constant pull, 

The cheer leader, 

Who makes it possible for us to make it through 

The clouds; 

So we can reach and obtain an infinite state of 

Unimaginable happiness. 

You'll get there, 

Strong one. 

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