Don't You Hate Getting Sick?

If anybody answered that question with a ‘yes’ you’re obviously from another planet and dimension. I got hit with a pretty nasty cold this past weekend and am still recovering. It was one of those nasty ones with way too much snot and coughs and chills. Saturday was my worst and I literally felt like I was on my way to death. I said my prayers and accepted the fact until, the next morning, I woke to my stuffy room, with way too many used tissues beside me. Finally, today I feel like more my average self, with more energy and color to my once lifeless face and body.

I have come to find some of my favorite things to have whilst being sick; I thought I would give them a mention here, in case somebody else has approached this horrible state of being and needs some assistance.

My cough drops of choice are always Ricola. These are the classics that never seem to not do their job. I’ve used them since I was a child, and no matter what new creation companies come up with, these are always the best.

Tea is a must when I have a cough and congestion. On Saturday, this (along with some other things) was literally what gave me the most relief. I love Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Tea as well as Yogi’s Throat Comfort. Throat Coat gives me relief that lasts beyond just the cup of tea. It helps both my throat and my cough for probably about an hour or so after the cup is finished. Throat Comfort feels great when you drink it, and it tastes maybe a little bit better, but it doesn’t give lasting results. Right now, I don’t need anything too strong, so this option is great for me.

When I was literally drowning in sickness on Saturday and honestly Sunday, too, all I could think was how dry and uncomfortable I felt. Even just lying in my bed, doing absolutely nothing, I felt as if my heart was pumping for a marathon. I ended up having my mom get me a Vicks Humidifier from Target that gave me so much relief. I should admit, the quality of this machine isn’t fantastic, but it gets the job done. The materials are a little on a cheap side, especially thinking about how much they sell it for. Half of Saturday night was spent with my head just right above the machine, getting as much moisture and relief as I could. Seriously, be glad you weren’t in the same room as me!!

I also put Vicks VapoRub on Saturday night. I put it on my feet, chest, under my nose and on my forearms cause I usually sleep on my side. I feel like Vicks is an old technique that really just works and gives pretty much instant relief!

Lastly, what brought me so much calm was drinking chicken broth and having the classic Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup. I usually don’t like having Campbells and prefer homemade soup, but when I’m sick I crave this and it always makes me feel better. I think it really does help with your health, but also I was served this growing up and so it brings me back to that comfort, too.

If you are reading this and are stuck with the flew or a cold, hang in there! I know it seems like you’ll never get better, but you will! While you’re on the mend, try some of these suggestions; if you’re the slightest bit like me, you’ll get some relief! How good does relief sound when you’re sick?!?!