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Moisturizers I will NEVER Let GO

Moisturizers I will NEVER Let GO

I've always been the type of person who feels a little self-conscious about skin matters; I detest the days my skin acts up, my pores are full, and there's dullness. It can make me feel so uncomfortable. 

I got lucky when my mom got a job selling skincare because I often get free products from her. My bathroom is completely FULL of items to try out. Over a little bit of time, I narrowed down my favorite products I've gotten from her and use today. For moisturizers, my favorites honestly narrow down to Dr. Hauschka.  

I will never NEVER stop using Dr. Hauschka skincare. They have some of the best products that have really helped with my skin clarity and also encouraged my skin to have a little bit more of that awesome glow. We all want that right?

I mostly use Dr. Hauschka for their moisturizers and masks. Man they are goood! Their moisturizers are some of the only ones that don't freak my skin out. They're so effective and my skin just soaks them up and loves every second of the process. 

Dr. Hauschka, 2 (1 of 1).jpg

First, almost every single day, I use their Revitalizing Day Cream. It's light in consistency, but still very moisturizing and sinks into my skin right away. I always notice a difference if I forget to incorporate this product into my routine. I get it in the biggest jar they have and the cream usually lasts me months; you only need a little bit to cover the face and neck. It also smells fresh and amazing. 

The other moisturizer I love is their Rose Day Cream Light. This is a bit thicker than the Revitalizing, but because it sinks into the skin pretty soon after applying, it doesn't feel thick or like there is a a sticky residue. This really does soothe my skin, as it says it's meant to. My redness and spots get more clear and balanced. There is also a lovely fresh, rose smell to this cream that is really hard to resist.

Dr. Hauschka, 3 (1 of 1).jpg

The final product for Dr. Hauschka is their Regenerating Day Cream. I started using this about a month ago and it is definitely going to hold a spot in my skincare regimen. This cream is lighter than the Rose Day Cream but heavier than the Revitalizing. I've seen results in my facial texture and tone. I'm only turning 22 this year so I'm not worrying too much about lines and wrinkles, but this moisturizer is meant to help with those concerns as well. Like all of the other products from Dr. Hauschka, this Regenerating Day Cream smells great and absorbs really nicely into my skin! 

Dr. Hauschka, 4 (1 of 1).jpg

So if you are looking into purchasing a new moisturizer for you skincare routine, I would 100% recommend that you try Dr. Hauschka. I can tell they are made with high quality, natural ingredients that do nothing but good things for the skin! 




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